The Core Blend 500

I don’t typically like people to do the same workout as others. Different people have different goals, body types, training schedules, etc., they need to be doing different workouts. Every once in a while though, I like to get a bunch of people to do the same thing.

Lots of energy at 5:30 am bootcamp

Core Blend is a community. People are invested in one another and sometimes it’s fun to have everyone unite over the same difficult workout. Having one group walk out and tell the next group the number to beat is fun. Having a mom walk in in the afternoon to see whether or not her teenage son’s group would beat her number is even more fun.

Two middle school girls were exhausted but proud of their work

On Friday January 16, I set up an 80 yard loop in the middle of the turf. In groups of 4-6, athletes had 25 minutes to get as many laps as they could. They could do one lap at a time, half-laps, quarter laps, however they wanted to split it up was legal. Everyone in the gym used the same 110 pound sled and everyone was exhausted at the end.

To get the maximum number of laps, you had to sometimes pass someone. Strategically, the straightaways are the time to do it.

Here are a few stats by the end of the day:

As a gym, we pushed the 110 pound sled a total of 15.66 miles.

We completed 344.5 laps

39 different people contributed at least one lap

High of the day 66.5  (group of 5)

Low of the day 14 (group of 1)

After a few years of hitting SEC linebackers the sled was easy…at first

This is what averaging a 22 second lap for 25 minutes will do to a group of men

Leah cheering on her teammate

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