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4 Simple Tips for Better Weight Management

Weight loss can be an ongoing challenge and determining where to start and sifting through all the information available online can be tedious and more often than not you will leave yourself feeling even more confused as to where to begin and what to do. In terms of where to begin let’s start with some fundamentally important concepts of what you can start working on that will yield great long term results.

1. Eat More Protein.

A goal you should focus on to begin is eating good quality lean proteins with every single meal throughout the day. Aim to shoot for about 1-2 palm size servings every single meal. Protein has a high TEF (Thermic effect of food) meaning it requires more energy to simply breakdown and process the protein being consumed. Essentially, your body burns more calories to utilize this nutrient. Protein is also the least likely macro nutrient that can get stored as body fat when compared to fats and carbohydrates, it is still possible to store of course if you are overeating total calories, however much less likely. While you are in a fat burning state, your body goes catabolic. This means that you are breaking down tissues to use for energy, hence fat burning. When your body is in a catabolic state it will not only burn fat but can also utilize muscle tissues for energy if needed. Increasing protein intake while cutting unwanted body fat will help preserve your hard earned muscle. The more muscle you have on your frame equals more calories burned throughout the day. Win win.

2. Prioritize resistance training over just cardio.

Resistance training will stimulate the formation of new muscle tissues. As above, the more muscle mass you have the more calories and fat you will burn in the long term. You will also burn a higher amount of calories on days off from the gym because your body is recovering from its previous training session and in need of additional energy to grow and recover.

3. Limit processed carbohydrates.

Substitute white breads, enriched pastas, sugar filled drinks, most cereals, sweets, and white rice with more vegetables and fruits, preferably berries. Controlling blood sugar and insulin levels low is essential for fat to be mobilized and be used as fuel to burn.

4. Drink more water.

Shoot for minimum of 1-1.5 ounces of water per kilogram of bodyweight. Limit alcohol consumption, and focus on restful sleep.

The Easy Workout Hack To Make Your Body Lose Fat And Feel Better

If I told someone that they were going to do 12 marathons this year, they would feel like they had a ton of cardio coming to them. A marathon is 26.2 miles and a grueling bit of work. They are a strenuous enough challenge that once you finish it, you’ll be compelled to put a tiny 26.2 sticker on the back of your car to let people know what you’ve done. 12 of them in a year would average to one every month. If you live in a small enough town, they’d probably put you in the paper for that.

It might surprise you to know that you can get an equal amount of aerobic volume this year passively by going on an easy walk twice a week. An hour long walk twice a week done at 3 miles an hour (which is a slow pace; I just tried it on the treadmill and it’s easy) adds up to 12 marathons a year. Pick up the pace a little more and it adds up.

This will help your body lose fat by two different processes. 

One, the hour long walks will clear your head and decrease stress. Stress management is one of the most important things someone can do to decrease body fat levels.

Two, workouts at the extremes of the intensity spectrum use fat primarily as an energy source, so to burn fat most efficiently, you want either really easy work (like a walk) or a really hard workout (like the ones we provide at Core Blend Training). When you fall into the middle, working too hard on easy work or not hard enough on hard work causes your body to use muscle, rather than fat, as an energy source.

There’s a reason you don’t see a lot of jacked marathon runners, they are using muscle as an energy source instead of fat. Staying at one of two ends on the intensity spectrum will make sure that fat is the energy source being used and keep you on the way to your goals.

So there you go. Walk.

Try this easy exercise hack and see how it helps improve your fitness:

12 Marathons at 3 miles an hour twice a week (Slow Walk)

14 Marathons at 3.5 miles an hour twice a week (Walk)

16 Marathons at 4.0 miles an hour twice a week (Quick Walk)

18 Marathons at 4.5 miles an hour twice a week (Very Quick Walk)

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