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Hoffa Inv Meet Results 1/28/17

Thank you to all the athletes that supported the latest Hoffa Winter Invitational.


Full meet results are listed below and can be downloaded here: Winter inv results.

Girls Shot Put Middle School
    Name                    Year Team              Finals 
Flight  1  
  1 Hailey, Lula             Hoffa Throws         10.77m  
      10.11m  10.44m  10.77m  10.13m  9.82m  9.84m
  2 Rogan, Neely             Hoffa Throws          5.82m  
      4.49m  5.82m  5.22m  5.37m  5.22m  4.96m
Girls Shot Put High School
    Name                    Year Team              Finals 
  1 Tabor, LesLeigh          Unattached              12.43m  
      12.18m  12.26m  12.16m  12.10m  12.43m  11.97m
  2 Chandler, Cody           Hoffa Throws            11.98m  
      11.28m  FOUL  FOUL  11.41m  11.98m  11.94m
  3 Joyner, Javon            Unattached              11.16m  
      10.64m  10.49m  FOUL  10.85m  10.93m  11.16m
  4 Igberaese, Chelsea       Unattached              10.95m  
      10.95m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL
  5 Richards, Savann         Hoffa Throws            10.02m  
      9.88m  9.19m  9.60m  9.53m  10.02m  9.08m
  6 Brown, Sydne             Hoffa Throws             9.97m  
      9.71m  9.52m  9.18m  FOUL  9.97m  9.54m
  7 Cruz, Gie                Unattached               9.54m  
      FOUL   8.42m  9.07m  8.92m  9.54m  8.93m
  8 Mixon, Jessica           Hoffa Throws             8.82m  
      7.56m  7.89m  8.59m  7.98m  8.82m  8.04m
  9 Ransom, Ashley           Unattached               8.74m  
      7.83m  8.74m  8.55m  8.50m  FOUL  8.48m
 10 McColskey, Jennifer      Hoffa Throws             7.96m  
      7.06m  7.26m  7.96m  6.85m  6.89m  7.30m
Women Shot Put Womens open
    Name                    Year Team              Finals 
  1 Machovec, Anna           Unattached              13.26m  
      12.82m  13.26m  FOUL  12.74m  FOUL  13.24m
Boys Shot Put High school
    Name                    Year Team              Finals 
  1 Kazimov, Ridvan          Unattached              13.66m  
      13.02m  13.18m  13.66m  13.50m  FOUL  13.37m
  2 Still, Steven            Unattached              11.12m  
      9.12m  9.83m  11.12m  9.83m  9.78m  9.87m
  3 Herndon, Austin          Unattached              10.79m  
      10.59m  10.79m  10.55m  FOUL  10.51m  10.34m
  4 Patterson, Zack          Unattached               9.55m  
      9.10m  8.36m  9.41m  8.63m  9.19m  9.55m
Boys Shot Put Middle Schoo
    Name                    Year Team              Finals 
  1 Watkins, Adam            Unattached              14.04m  
      13.96m  13.33m  13.22m  13.19m  14.04m  13.84m
Men Shot Put Mens open
    Name                    Year Team               Finals 
  1 Miller, Ashinia          Unattached              18.80m  
      FOUL  18.23m  18.80m  FOUL  18.76m  FOUL
  2 Fitzgerald, Carter       Unattached              12.25m  
      11.80m  FOUL  11.65m  FOUL  11.67m  12.25m
Men Shot Put Masters Mens
    Name                    Year Team              Finals 
  1 Davis, Sid               Unattached               8.66m  
      8.57m  8.66m  8.42m  FOUL  FOUL  8.36m

A Week of In-Season Training with World Champion Shot Putter Reese Hoffa

In my previous article, I outlined a couple of mistakes I see throwers making with their training. You can check that article out by clicking here. I really appreciate the feedback I got from the Kabuki Strength community, and one of the most common questions was how those considerations actually entered into program design.

reese-duffalo-300x300I thought the most productive way to answer that question was to just open up my old training log and show a sample training week from my final season as a pro. This is my actual in season workout schedule assuming a meet on Saturday.

Read my workout schedule in the rest of this article at Kabuki Strength.



Training Elite Throwing Athletes: The Number One Consideration From 2-Time World Champion Shot Putter Reese Hoffa

I built the Hoffa Throws Academy from the ground up to be able to train throwers the way that I feel like they should train. We have an indoor shot ring, two outdoor shot rings, a discus ring, and three extra rings to throw into nets. This is all housed within Core Blend Training, a gym I helped start up in 2012, filled with everything I think throwers need. I knew that to be the best thrower I could be, every part of my training needed to be built towards producing long throws and that’s exactly what I did.

To read more about the number one mistake throwers and coaches make in their training, read the rest of my piece for Kabuki Strength.

Core Blend Expansion FAQ

Q: You’re expanding the gym?

A: Yes, October 1st we are scheduled to open up a big expansion to Core Blend Training. It’ll be a 105 foot by 40 foot turf area to supplement the rest of the gym.

Q: What will it look like once it’s done?

Q: How big will Core Blend be after this is done?

A: Roughly 9000 square feet.

Q: Will you raise prices to pay for this?

A: No. We’ve expanded the gym twice already and bought tons of new equipment and never had to raise prices. If you’re coming to the gym before October 1st, you’ll be grandfathered in. It is likely that we’ll change our prices for new customers coming in after October 1, but they’ll still be fair.

Q: What sorts of things will athletes be able to do on the new turf?

A: We will continue to be able to do speed and agility work, but it’ll no longer be dependent on the weather. There will be a strip of turf that is 50 yards long, so we’ll be able to run indoor 40 yard dashes. Reese Hoffa will have an indoor shot put ring,, so he’ll be able to coach throws inside and also practice for his professional season at the same place he does his lifting. There will be an indoor basketball goal to work on shooting and to have some fun with after workouts. The 24ft ceilings and space will allow for a variety of throws inside. We’ll also have hurdles to work on mobility.

Q: What sorts of things will personal training and boot camp clients be able to do?

A: We’ll be able to push sleds farther (yay!), we’ll be able to do a few more running exercises as part of circuits, we’ll do a couple of circuits that take up more space.  Not a huge change for these groups though. Personal training clients very rarely are looking to work on quickness.

The Core Blend Elite

It began as a debate about what defined strong and ended up with a club called the “Core Blend Elite”. The idea was to determine criteria that meant someone was strong. If you could meet or exceed the standard, you were in the club; if you failed, you were not yet considered strong.

After a great deal of tinkering, it was agreed that anyone who could lift a combined total of 1200 pounds between Bench Press, Squat, and Deadlift while also being able to do a combined 40 reps between a 225 rep test and chin ups was strong – Core Blend Elite.

A sample path to 1200 would be benching 300 pounds, squatting 400 and deadlifting 500. If you’re stronger in any of those areas, you can afford to be a little weaker in the others. These lifts do not all need to be completed on the same day or week; we allow you to bank lifts.

The 40 combined reps of 225 and chin ups makes sure you aren’t over fat, and large changes in weight are unacceptable. For example, you can’t bulk up to 250 pounds and knock out the power lifts and then lose weight until you can do chin ups. You should be able to do all of them around the same time.

Can you make it into this club? If so, what were the numbers it took to get you there? How far away are you from achieving this feat of strength? Are you ready to tackle this challenge? If and when you are strong enough, your name will join the existing Core Blend Elite on the wall.

Core Blend Elite: Path to 1200/40

Corey Davis:

335 Bench, 455 Squat, 500 Deadlift (total 1290)
17 reps at 225, 28 chin ups (total of 45)

Reese Hoffa:
505 Bench (done for a double), 600 Squat (done for a double), 550 Deadlift (total 1655)
38 reps at 225, 2 chin ups (total of 40)

Billy Seward:
375 Bench, 450 Squat, 455 Deadlift (total 1280)
23 reps at 225, 22 chin ups (total of 45)

Taylor Maxey
Greg Hall

Weyman Casper