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The Core Blend Elite

It began as a debate about what defined strong and ended up with a club called the “Core Blend Elite”. The idea was to determine criteria that meant someone was strong. If you could meet or exceed the standard, you were in the club; if you failed, you were not yet considered strong.

After a great deal of tinkering, it was agreed that anyone who could lift a combined total of 1200 pounds between Bench Press, Squat, and Deadlift while also being able to do a combined 40 reps between a 225 rep test and chin ups was strong – Core Blend Elite.

A sample path to 1200 would be benching 300 pounds, squatting 400 and deadlifting 500. If you’re stronger in any of those areas, you can afford to be a little weaker in the others. These lifts do not all need to be completed on the same day or week; we allow you to bank lifts.

The 40 combined reps of 225 and chin ups makes sure you aren’t over fat, and large changes in weight are unacceptable. For example, you can’t bulk up to 250 pounds and knock out the power lifts and then lose weight until you can do chin ups. You should be able to do all of them around the same time.

Can you make it into this club? If so, what were the numbers it took to get you there? How far away are you from achieving this feat of strength? Are you ready to tackle this challenge? If and when you are strong enough, your name will join the existing Core Blend Elite on the wall.

Core Blend Elite: Path to 1200/40

Corey Davis:

335 Bench, 455 Squat, 500 Deadlift (total 1290)
17 reps at 225, 28 chin ups (total of 45)

Reese Hoffa:
505 Bench (done for a double), 600 Squat (done for a double), 550 Deadlift (total 1655)
38 reps at 225, 2 chin ups (total of 40)

Billy Seward:
375 Bench, 450 Squat, 455 Deadlift (total 1280)
23 reps at 225, 22 chin ups (total of 45)

Taylor Maxey
Greg Hall

Weyman Casper