Special Offer

Starting May 13th through the end of the month, Corey is extending a special offer to all of our members. Invite a friend to any service that you do and they can have their first week free. I wrote out some hypothetical Q and A’s for it. 

Does it apply to Personal training? They can hop in with you free of charge for a week.

Classes? Of course. 

Small group training? Yes. One week, as a gift from you to them. The gym is better with friends. If they want to sign up afterwards, then we have a special gift to get them started, their first month is half off. 

But what about for me? I’m the valued member that did not get a free half month of training? How does Core Blend show their appreciation to me? You get half off too. However much money they save, you do too. 

Doesn’t that mean you’ll just break even while doing twice the work? Yes. 

Hey Corey, I found some sort of loophole where you’ll actually lose money. That loophole is invalid. I don’t know what sort of loophole there could be, but no, don’t make us lose money. Thank you.

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