How to Get the Most out of Core Blend Pt 2: Do Your Own Warmup

I’ve never started a class at exactly 5:30, 8:30, or 5:30pm. I do this for two big reasons. One, people often show up a couple of minutes late and I don’t want them to miss their warmup. Two, I want to give people time to do their own warmup prior to our class warmup.

This may sound like a cop-out, but there’s a legitimate reason behind this. Every person that I’ve trained has their own issues and areas they need to address. There is no way I could make a warmup so thorough that it addressed every possible area that someone could need to warmup. When we have a few minutes at the beginning of class, it’s a great time for YOU to warm up the specific areas that bother you.

For example, my ankles are really tight, so before a squat workout it’s an area that I need to give extra attention. In a thorough class warmup, it’s more likely that we would spend most of our time on the hips and knees to get ready to squat. If I was in class, my ankles and shoulders would be two spots that I would give extra attention to before class.

So how do you take advantage of this? Take notice of your body and where you have trouble and ask the trainers. We’ll hand out custom warmups for you to do and movements that we think will address your issues. It might be a specific stretch, a movement, or a myofascial release technique that we think will improve your performance.

These guys look ready.

Finally, whether you’re in group classes or doing one on one work, get here a couple of minutes early. We always do a general warmup, followed by a specific warmup. The general warmup is just something that gets your heart rate up, followed by the specific warmup which is the area where the movements are supposed to prime you for your exercises that day. If you get here a few minutes early and hop on the bike or treadmill you can start your session with the specific warmup, rather than the general warmup! This is convenient for you, your hour of training is spent with things that you get more value from and more convenient for your trainer. Believe me, none of us want to watch you pedal on a bike, but we’d rather watch you do that than get injured because you were cold during your workout.


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