Core Blend Is More Than Our Name

Core Blend is an elite training philosophy I designed long before we had a physical location. Buckle up, fitness geekery ahead.

Core Blend is a bridge between traditional strength movements and the movements needed on a field.  All elite strength training specialists agree that the core is a key area needed to improve sports performance.  It provides a stable platform for strength, increases control for sports movements, decreases injury risk, and helps transfer energy between the upper and lower body.  Despite this, other training systems don’t train the core for sports movements and performance. Where other training systems fall short, Core Blend performs.

Core Blend Training uses an improved version of the Russian Conjugate Method of training.  The strength of the Russian Conjugate Method over the traditional Linear Periodization workouts is the way that it trains athletes to peak and improve in multiple measures of strength and explosion simultaneously.  The Core Blend Training method creates maximum strength in the body’s prime movers so that the body has a maximum ability to perform.  It simultaneously trains the body’s core to utilize that new strength.  Using advanced techniques, the Core Blend movements create usable muscular chains throughout the body leading to increased strength in sports movements.  The exercise selection, application, and order lead to superior sports performance.

Athletes that develop this usable strength through Core Blend Training use groups of muscles in a synchronized fashion in order to get maximum power, speed, and explosion. Most training programs teach the muscles of the “Posterior Chain” to work together, but make no effort to do that in the rest of the body. An athlete that uses Core Blend Training throws and hits harder, runs faster, and jumps higher than other athletes because their gym movements have been designed to carry over into their competitions. In throwing sports, such as the javelin, shot put, discus, baseball or football, Core Blend Training creates and trains the motor patterns needed to perform. In chaotic sports like football, soccer, lacrosse, hockey, basketball and others it gives the athlete the strength and balance to make quick changes of direction and be strong from any position. Most importantly Core Blend Training gets elite results.

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