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Bulletproof Back

Watch this video to see why the deadlift is a necessary exercise. Deadlifting is important to not only lifting weights, but lifting anything off of the ground. Many personal trainers dislike the deadlift, but here at Core Blend we believe it is a crucial exercise that improves basic movement patterns.


You’re Not Resting Enough!

Watch this video for an explanation of how rest time plays a big factor in conditioning and speed training. Did you know that for 10 yards of sprinting, you need one minute of rest? The more sweat you see may not be a sign that you’re getting the results you desire. Are you resting enough?


How Do You Get Faster?

Speed is key in any sport, from baseball to football to soccer. How do you become fast? A big, and successful, part of training here at Core Blend is our speed training. Speed is the result of two factors: stride length and stride frequency.

Stride length is self-explanatory, however, its impact on speed is not. Although longer strides do make an athlete faster, if you take too long of a stride, your knee has to lock and unlock every time you make contact of the ground, killing any momentum you had before that step. Too short of a stride? You won’t have enough power behind each step. The ideal stride is the longest one you can take with your foot behind your knee in a powerful position.

Stride frequency is a little bit more complicated because it’s connected to your central nervous system. Alongside a long stride, the next important factor is the number of times you make contact with the ground. A major key for increasing stride frequency is to only adjust a little bit. Hill sprints are a good example. With a very slight hill, you can improve your stride frequency. However, with a steep hill, it is easy to lose proper form and revert to stride lengths that are too long.

Speed cannot only be reached by improving these two factors, however. Strength training is necessary to be fast as well. A stronger person can assert more force against the ground, therefore increasing acceleration and power in each stride.

Exercises such as deadlifts, squats, and box jumps are excellent catalysts in increasing speed.

Kipping Pull Up Corrections

Watch this video to help decide if kipping pull ups are right for you or not. Is your

goal to pull your body weight up and over the bar? Kipping pull ups aren’t for you.

Getting your chin above the bar isn’t the same as pulling your weight enough to get

your chin above the bar. Our goal at Core Blend is to start the set without a plan to

cheat the proper pull up movement by performing a kipping pull up.


New Video: Sled Suicide at Core Blend

Looking for a challenging conditioning workout? Thought suicides were difficult? For a real workout, try the sled suicides in this video. We set up 5 cones and pushed the sled back and forth between the cones going further and further every time, with varying weights. Try it yourself and let us know how it goes for you or let your trainer know you’d like to try it next time you work out.


  • Six Rounds with 110 Pound Sled

  • First Two Rounds with 3 extra plates

  • Rounds Three and Four with 2 plates

  • Last Two Rounds One extra plate

  • All reps under 45 seconds

  • Two minutes rest in between reps


  • Push With Your Legs

  • ​Keep Breathing

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CBT Traditions: New Vehicle Pull

Core Blend tradition has long stated that all new vehicles purchased must be dragged by their owners across the parking lot. If the trainee is unable to complete this feat of strength, they must return the car and replace it with a smaller one more befitting their strength level.

This is one of the most sacred traditions of our people.

This is Bob’s New Vehicle Pull.