But My Injuries!

A lot of people that have nagging injuries get very nervous about taking group fitness classes. They have legitimate concerns. In most facilities, a group fitness class is the last place I’d want someone to start their training, especially if they have injuries that need to be modified around. However, I own a gym and am not a big fan of taking the status quo as an absolute, so here are three ways we work around that here at Core Blend. If you don’t feel like reading them, I understand that, in that case, just go ahead and sign up for group classes despite your trepidation. You’ll be fine.

  1. Evaluation. Our evaluation process is second to none. When someone comes into our gym with an injury (common since we have a good reputation for working around injuries), we take that responsibility very seriously. Our favorite way to handle that is to schedule a one hour workout where we watch them do the main movements they’ll see in a class. A qualified trainer like myself or Cason works with them for an hour and lets them know what exercises they need to modify and how to do so. Often, just teaching them how to actually perform the lifts is enough to allow people to perform them injury free, but this isn’t always the case, which leads us to point 2.
  2. Equipment. Core Blend is equipped with 18 different types of barbells. We have barbells that make it easier to learn how to deadlift like the trap bar. We have barbells that allow you to squat with your hands in a slightly lower position like the Duffalo Bar, and bars where you don’t need to have your hands on the bar at all to squat like the safety squat bar. We have barbells that are ten pounds lighter, twenty pounds lighter and thirty pounds lighter than a typical bar, allowing you a ton of freedom when it comes to learning an exercise. We have special pieces of equipment that let you squat with weight without putting a bar on your back at all, completely avoiding any axial loading. For cardio, we have bikes, rowing machines, ski machines, and sleds. It’s very easy to modify the exercise simply by changing the equipment used.
  3. Qualified trainers. I would put our training staff up against any in the country. Multiple Masters degrees, tons of graduate degrees, advanced certifications but most importantly experience. There is no injury or issue that you’ll have that we haven’t seen and dealt with in the past. Ask one of your class instructors for a modification for an exercise and they will come up with an alternative exercise. They are fit, they are strong, and they are incredibly knowledgable.

Our facility can work around your injuries like no other. If you’re worried about getting started at Core Blend because you have an injury holding you back, don’t worry about it. You’re in safe hands.

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