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Corey here. I’m going to answer a series of questions for you about the movie that someone in your life wants you to go see this weekend, Avengers: Endgame. For the vast majority of members here at Core Blend, I am the nerdiest person you know so I have a series of answers to questions you have. You didn’t ask for this, and while I was writing this I could have hypothetically been learning how to be a better trainer. But I didn’t. I’m not the trainer you deserve, but I am who you’re stuck with. 

Why does my (child, significant other, coworker, etc.) care so much about this movie? Why do they want me to go with them?

Great question. Avengers: Endgame is the sequel to last year’s Avengers: Infinity War. It ended on a pretty exciting moment so they want to see what happens next. It is also what about twenty other movies have been building to over the last ten years, so they’ve invested some time in these movies and this is the culminating moment of it all.

What happened in Infinity War?

30 second recap. A bad guy named Thanos (played by Josh Brolin) collected six rocks that made him really strong and he wiped out half the galaxy. Importantly, this half included big names like Spiderman and Black Panther. Also importantly, this didn’t include the ones you’ve heard of like Thor, Captain America, the Hulk and Iron Man. The movie ended with a lot of characters turning into dust.

Oh man that sounds bad!

Yes, but don’t worry they’ve already announced movies for a lot of those characters, so they’ll definitely get brought back in this movie. Probably through those magic rocks or some sort of time travel.

Do I need to see the other movies to understand this?

No, you’ll be fine. If you want to watch another movie to be caught up then Infinity War would be it. It’s on Netflix. If you wanted to watch two, then Captain America: Civil War would also be good as it shows what got the team into the negative spot they were in in Infinity War and introduces most of the characters you’d possibly want to know for this one. If your wife has recently had a child and you’ve had a lot of time sitting on a couch then by all means watch all of them like Morgan and I did.

Periodically, something will happen and other people in the movie will chuckle, but you won’t know why. That’s probably a reference to one of the other twenty movies. Sometimes someone will walk on screen and everyone will gasp. This is a character from another movie that the audience didn’t expect to see. The fact that you don’t recognize them shouldn’t be a big deal.

Who are the main characters and what do they do?

Tony Stark/ Iron Man: Tech genius in a fancy metal suit. The suit is capable of doing whatever the plot demands at any given point. Feels like world safety is his personal responsibility. Played by Robert Downey Jr.

Who are those others?
There are more characters, I’m not explaining them all.

Steve Rogers/ Captain America: World War 2 era soldier, enhanced with magic steroids, then frozen until he woke up in the present era, repeatedly states that they shouldn’t sacrifice someone’s life to save others, but in his own movies was perfectly willing to sacrifice himself to save others. Usually has a shield. Played by Chris Evans.

Thor/ Thor: Literally just the figure from Norse mythology. Has a big hammer that only he can use because he is the only one “worthy” and shoots lightning. Pretty much invulnerable. Someone destroyed his hammer a couple movies ago so now he has a big axe instead. Everyone that he was close to in the previous movies died, so he’s probably feeling pretty bad when this movie starts. Played by Chris Hemsworth.

Bruce Banner/ Hulk: Genius scientist that can transform into a big green monster. The two personalities dislike each other and they don’t work well together. Last movie, the Hulk basically went on strike so if he shows up in this one it’ll be after some sort of agreement is reached between these two parts of the personality. Played by Mark Ruffalo.

Thanos/ Thanos: Big alien with a glove that lets him use the magic rocks. Came from a planet with an over population problem that led to ruin for his planet. Used the glove to destroy half the population of the universe so that the resources wouldn’t run out. Is super strong and durable and smart even without the rocks. Played by Josh Brolin (in a motion capture suit).

Corey, you forgot Superman and Batman.

No, that’s a different company. They won’t be in this movie.

Will any of the big characters die?

They could! They’ve made a big deal in the lead up that this is the last movie that they’ve signed contracts for. Many of the big actors involved have expressed interest in moving on to other projects, so maybe!

How long is this movie?

3 hours.

Corey, are you in this movie?

No, I left work for a couple of days to do stand-in work for Thor. So I know some stuff that happens in this movie with Thor but you won’t see me.

So there you go. You’re ready for this weekend. See you for your next class.

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